About Us

About FEIM:

The Foundation for Studies and Research on Women (FEIM) is an Argentinean non-governmental, not-for-profit organization created in 1989 by a group of professional and gender specialists women to improve the social, labor, educational, legal, political, economical and health condition of women, children, teenagers and the youth.

Legal Status Nº 1045/89

Consultative Status in UN since 2006


For this purpose, FEIM works so that

Women and girls are able to have the capacity to make all decisions freely regarding their lives including their sexuality and reproduction, without being subjected to any kind of violence, coercion nor discrimination.

Women and men can have equal opportunities for access and enjoyment of their rights to education, health, work, political participation and economic resources to guarantee their independence and individual and collective development.



Equality between women and men and the full respect of Human Rights of women requires the elimination of gender-based inequalities and the improvements of girls and women’s access to education, work, health and social and political participation.


To defend and promote the fulfillment of all human rights of women and girls

Contribute to improving the life conditions or sustainable development of women and girls.

Advocate for equality between men and women


How do we do?

FEIM develops programs, projects, research and other activities on the following topics: Women’s rights, Gender Equality, Political Participation and Leadership, Labor Insertion, Environment and sustainable development, Seniors, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Teenage Pregnancy, Sexuality, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and HIV/Aids, Violence against Women, Sexual Education, Access to Public Information and citizen monitoring.

Activities are carried out jointly, or in collaboration with, municipalities, universities, local communities’ organizations, non-governmental organizations of women, youth and others.


Lines of Work:

  • Research and systematization of national, regional and international information on the situation of women, youth, girls and boys. Elaboration and gathering of printed and audiovisual documents on women, teenagers and children.
  • Follow-up and evaluation of agreements, conventions and other national, regional and international commitments that affect the lives and rights of women and girls.
  • The public impact for the defense, recognition and fulfilment of women, teenagers and children’s Human Rights, especially the right to health, including sexual and reproductive rights, and the right to a life free from violence
  • Training and development of women, teenagers and girls professional abilities and communitarian resources for the defense and the enforceability of Human Rights.
  • Articulation of activities with organizations of women, teenagers, youth, girls and boys and Human Rights on the national, regional and international level.
  • Advice to government’s and non-governmental organizations for the implementation of public policies with gender perspective.  Advocacy for the approval of laws, decrees and other norms, as for the implementation and application of policies to improve the situation of women, teenagers, girls and boys.
  • Legal actions against government’s organizations due to non-implementation , amicus curiae, request of public information, issuing reports to UN organisms and other actions linked to citizen monitoring.