Mabel Bianco at The Festival of Sustainable Development 2024

The Association for Sustainable Development and Equality – ASviS- 2024 Festival held an event focused on gender equality and parity last Friday, May 10, 2024 at the Museum of Modern Art and Exhibition Center in Rome.

Organized with the APS Equality Network, an integral part of ASviS, and the Italian delegation of w20. This meeting was dedicated to the discussion of fundamental issues related to women’s rights, gender equality and Parity. Under the title: «Together for Parity according to the Italian Constitution and the 2030 Agenda».

The event consisted of three panels: the first one with the outstanding presence of the President of the Network for Parity, Patrizia De Michelis, as well as the Honorary Presidents Rosa Oliva and Maria Laura Sabatini and the President of ASviS Prof. Giovannini former Minister of the Dragui government, who pointed out the importance of the Constitution with gender equality and its link with the 2030 Agenda and the 17 SDGs, including Parity as a fundamental factor to achieve Equality.

The second panel addressed the status of the implementation of the 2030 Agenda, especially SDG 5 in the different regions/countries and the contribution of W20. Mabel Bianco reported on the situation in the region and especially in Argentina in the face of the new government. Pam Rajut spoke about the situation in India and the program she created in her locality through the university, Mona raised the situation in Lebanon and the Middle East and Katia Petrini, from the Italian W20 delegation and Elvira Maraso, head of the Italian W20 delegation, raised the situation in Italy and the future perspective that they consider will prevail in the W20 communiqué under the presidency of Brazil.

Finally, in the third panel, partners such as Sor Optimista, the association of feminist managers and others presented the line of contributions that they will defend in the W20 statement.

Mabel Bianco remarked: «Italy has a Constitution that ensures Gender Equality, but as in other countries such as Argentina, Parity must be fought for and fought for. But once achieved nothing assures us that it is already guaranteed forever. That is why today we Argentinian and Italian feminists are united in the fight for equality and parity and to avoid that our rights are eliminated by executives who under the defense of freedom erase them».