«ACTUEMOS»: Mabel Bianco participated in a consultation organized by UN Women with feminist networks from Latin America.

Last week, on December 13 and 14, a relevant consultation with feminist and women’s networks / organizations in Latin America, organized by UN Women, took place. Mabel Bianco participated in her capacity as president of the Foundation for Women’s Studies and Research and as co-president of the NGO CSWLAC.

The main focus of the new initiative developed by UN Women’s regional office with the European Union is «Ending Violence Against Women: Advocacy and Strengthening Global and Regional Networks to End Violence Against Women». Under the name ACTUEMOS, this initiative will be based on supporting regional networks, with the objective of strengthening networks and articulating effective advocacy strategies.

The experiences shared by the representatives of these organizations were fundamental in shaping the strategies and priorities of UN Women in the region. The entity expressed its commitment to work together over the next three years to achieve shared objectives, such as strengthening networks and organizations, as well as improving advocacy to end violence against women.

«The Consultation represents a first step, and we are confident that this joint effort will have a significant impact in the region,» stated UN Women, underlining the importance of this collaboration to confront and eradicate gender-based violence.

Mabel Bianco said: «It is important that the European Union recognizes the leadership and capacity of the feminist movement in our region and that, after the effort made in the Spotlight Project, it can now reinforce and strengthen those of us who are key actors in the fight to end violence against women and girls and we can use our knowledge and experience more effectively».