Mabel Bianco opened the Civil Society session at the UN

Within the Session organized by the Coordination Mechanism of the Mayors Groups and Other Stakeholders MGOS CM, at the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) 2022, the President of the Foundation for the Study and Research of Women (FEIM), Mabel Bianco, as Co Chair of the MGOS CM said: “Sadly today, we find ourselves once again leaving this forum without the strong political commitment from member States needed to realize  Agenda 2030 . In 2015 we celebrated and were proud committing to the 17 SDGs of Agenda 2030 with which we will ensure better life for the people worldwide. Today after seven years we request you to listen the diverse voices of the people we represent. They need this HLPF provide answers with concrete actions and not just words written in long documents” and add “we need actions not more words”

We need to renewed political will and commitments to reach everyone and leave no one behind. Because, there have been many, many, people that we have left behind. We must overcome this and in order to do this, we ask for courage and political will. We ask that you surpass your individual interests”, stated Bianco.

Also, she reminded the 2015 objectives: “We need to recover the ambition that we had in 2015 and follow through with concrete actions. This is what we ask. Not just to simply make a good ministerial declaration, but to give answers to the people. The people who aren’t here, the people who are suffering, the people left behind “. 

“We have to celebrate we are again in person meeting.  There has been so much energy and effort to bring some of us here. We want to thank the president of ECOSOC and the UN DESA team for all their help. In the name of those left behind due to the impact of the pandemic, we request you to help end the suffering. I want to remind you that when you’re brainstorming these solutions, women, and men, but above all women, are defending their territories and are continuously persecuted and murdered. We need to stop this. To honor the memory of Berta Caceres, we pray you to leave aside your interests and adopt changes that eliminate this and think on benefiting those persecuted and killed,” declared.

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