250+ Groups Call onto UN and Member States for Strong Civil Society Inclusion in UN Virtual Meetings

More than 250 organizations from throughout the World have signed an “An Open Call for Strong and Inclusive Civil Society Engagement at UN Virtual Meetings.” Initiated by the Women’s Major Group, and supported by the broader Major Groups and Other Stakeholders, our call, to the UN, its agencies and member states, aims to draw attention and suggest some of the possible measures to ensure a strong and inclusive civil society participation at the virtual meetings of the United Nations.

The current COVID-19 pandemic we’re living through and the safety measures taken has resulted in the important meetings of the United Nations to be carried to the virtual space. This could present an opportunity to ensure continued and improved civil society access and meaningful engagement to these meetings, but for this to happen certain measures need to be taken. 

The call will remain open for signatures until the end of the UN High-Level Political Forum 2020, and will be periodically updated with new signatures. Please send in your organizational / group signatures, through this form .

The full text of the open call, and the list of organizations and groups that have endorsed the letter can be accessed here.