Violence Against Women and HIV

From December 5 to 7, 2016, the Argentinian representation of the “HIV and Violence, integrators of the perspective of Gender Equality” project, conformed by FEIM, the Buenos Aires Network of People Living with HIV, jointly with Mabel Bianco, general coordinator of the Campaign “Women do not wait. Let’s end violence against women and HIV now”, accompanied journalist Alejandra Oraa, ambassador of Latin UNAIDS and spokeswoman from the UN campaign “UNiTE for International Day to End Violence Against Women” and Edgar Carrasco, responsible for HIV in UN Women (Regional Office), in their mission in Argentina. Within the framework of the 16 Days of Activism against gender violence, Oraa visited an activity developed by FEIM and the Network in the municipality of Merlo, Buenos Aires, Argentina, as part of the aforementioned project.

This project promotes the implementation of a model to address the link between HIV and violence against women. There, women who are seeking help for a situation of violence also receive advice on how to prevent HIV and a quick and confidential test is offered to them as well. At the same time, they try to find out if women living with HIV are also victims of violence, since often they are infected as a consequence of violence and if they continue in this situation, it could turn into a risk factor which could seriously undermine the medical treatment.

Oraa shared a breakfast with local journalist to talk about violence against women as a cause and consequence of HIV, among other topics. “We should all get involve because we are all vulnerable (to the HIV epidemic)”, she stated and commented on her meeting with the women of Buenos Aires and their firm demand to put an end to stigmatization.

“I see empowered women”, said the presenter of Spanish CNN moments after her visit to the country concluded. She highlighted her interest in “the activity carried out by women from the civil society and the way in which they demand for their rights”.

Finally, the journalist interviewed Argentinian musician Diego Torres, spokesman from the UN campaign “HeForShe” for Latin America and the Caribbean.


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